Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Psalm to the Lord of Light

God, protect me from the Naysayers.

Shield me from Harm and Hurt.

They tear at me, trying to pull me down.

That old Serpent, Lucifer, Cursed-Forever,

he and his minions are everywhere,

causing all kinds of Mischief.

Spawning Hate and Grudges,

they run rampant in


those who fall prey to the Snake.

But You, o Lord, are my Defender.

You guard me from all sides,

I cannot even be touched by

the Malevolent Forces that

roam the Earth.

I love you, Father!

Your Word is all I want;

Your Counsel is all I want.

It gives me joy like nothing else

I’ve ever known.

An inexplicable Joy fills me

when I study your Book,

Your Life-Book,

Your Light-Book.

All Light and Beauty and Goodness are You,

my Dearest Master.

I cannot even describe You sufficiently.

When I think of You, my insides burst

with Happiness;

I want to tell everyone I see about You,

because You are so good, Father.

I want everyone I meet to know You too, Daddy.

For Your Love,

Your Love-in-Perfection,

is more delectable than any food,

more quenching than any drink,

more pleasurable than any kiss,

more perfect than anything conjured on this Earth.

The Naysayers don’t know.

They haven’t tasted and believed that it,

that You,

are Good.

You are Sheer Beauty.

You are True Love.

You are Pure Goodness.

You, in the form of Your Son,

died to set me free from the bondage of my sin.

Jesus Christ.


What a sweet name, Father.


My Heart swells with Love when I even think

on that Name.

Lamb-of-God, The Deliverer, God-with-Us, Wonderful-Counselor, Saviour, Friend, Brother, Lover, Lord, Redeemer.

Your Way is so full of Splendor and Grace;

so full of Color and Light, so Spacious and Divine.

I am here to bring out the God-Colors in the world, Father.

I am here to weave Graciousness and Love,

Patience and Understanding.

I am a Christ-Follower.

I am a Holy-Spirit-House.

I am a Daughter of God.

I would rather scrub floors in Your House,

O God,

than have a place of honor in the dwelling of the wicked.

For all I long for is to sit at Your Feet and ponder You,

To look into Your Eyes and see Eternity,

To crawl into Your Lap and experience Your Wondrous Love,

To be carried in your Heavenly Arms,

To have my breath taken away by Your Love-Expressions

that I see everywhere.

I love to tell my Redemption-Story;

I love to raise my Master’s Name high,

to praise Him night and day.

I love to ponder You night and day, Daddy.

I just sink into a reverie and bask in You.

You gently sing me to sleep;

You whisper my name to awaken me.

I know it’s You, Daddy.

All Tenderness and Care and Warmth are You,

my Loving Creator.


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