Monday, September 6, 2010

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  1. I took this picture at the Boston Aquarium (as well as the two photos before)...these little jellyfish were in this tank with lights and a background that would alternate between light and dark). Whenever the tank lights were on, the little jellyfish would float around happily. Then, when the lights were turned off and the background screen came up, it was almost like they just shut down. But the most wondrous thing about these little creatures was that they had lights INSIDE of them....when the lights were on and they were moving, I could see rainbow lights inside of them, moving rapidly along their outer edges. It was almost like something out of Star Trek; some wildly beautiful space craft or something... Anyway, I wasn't able to capture their lights on camera, but the photo I took is of them when the lights were off and the screen was on in the background... :D