Saturday, July 7, 2012

FASA 2012 - an Introduction

Obviously, The Annie Moses Band: Annie, Gretchen, Benjamin, Camille, Alex, left to right. :)
So today is the day that students begin to arrive and get registered for the camp!  Everyone is so excited to see each other again!

Drew and I got all settled into our room last night; we are really enjoying having our own room, and it is very cozy! :D

It was great to see the Wolavers again; Annie has her new baby, David, and he is SUPER CUTE!!! :)
We have gotten our schedules and music, etc. and we have a sort of "de-briefing" meeting this evening with all the faculty.  It will be nice to sit down with everybody and have everything explained. :)

What we know so far is that Drew will be working a lot with Mario DaSilva and his son James (which is really awesome!).  This will be a great experience for him!  And I will be working a lot with Lower Division, leading a Sectional/Technique class for the "Crackerjack" group, and also a little fiddle trio.  Also I will be working with a couple of ensembles in the Upper Division, doing the trad Irish tune "Blarney Pilgrim" and "In the Highways" from O Brother Where Art Thou.  Other than that, I will be making appearances in the upper division orchestra playing violin.  Should be fun!!

We learned that there will be a "Faculty Concert" (YES YES YES) near the end of the camp, so Drew and I are going to try to work up a couple of things (including some vocal/ukelele stuff with Drew on guitar), so I am going to get started tonight if I can!  The songs that I'm really working on are "You Only Hurt the One You Love" sung by the Mills Brothers, and "P.S. I Love You" by Nellie McKay. :D
<========(>^_^)> uke <(^_^<)============

I am SO GLAD to be here with my sweet Husband. <3 <3 <3 Makes it a lot better. :)

Anyway, that is today, so far, and tomorrow is when things will be set in motion!

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