Thursday, July 5, 2012

Take My Chances

Earlier this year, Drew and I went with some of our DEAREST friends to New Hampshire; we were going to record a song (written by Jesse Devine and Sandra Kassman) at CedarHouse Studio, run by Gerry Putnam and his wife Fran.  It was such a wonderful experience with wonderful friends!  The studio itself was so mystical and peaceful; it was a refurbished barn that used to house a hippie commune.  We had a view of a beautiful field in the back; I could just envision men and women dancing and eating and transcending together.  I was glad that our music was being added to the history of the place.  It was so quiet and cold there, and in the company of good friends, my Spirit was refreshed.

The above artwork (very beautiful portraits, no? :) ) was drawn by Jana Apollo, and I will say who the people are and what they played, from top to bottom:

Dag Hanken: drums
Jeff Kinsey: bass
Andrew Clay: piano
Jesse Devine: electric guitar
Drew Story: electric guitar
Ellen Story: violin, harmony vocals
Sandra Kassman: lead vocals, harmony vocals

We all sang on the "gang vocals" that appear throughout the song. :)

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